What Calton Case Users Say
    Comments about Calton Cases by the people who use them.

"When all the songs are finally writ
And the sun no longer warms my face,
I care not where my soul doth flit
But bury my bones in a Calton Case.
(Mine preferably.)
Thank you, and everyone else involved, for the beautiful work."
Susan Crowe
"With deep appreciation and Big thanks."
John Hammond
"Many thanks for 'Big Red'.
He has already saved a crack or two from happening."
John Sebastian

"The best case is usually the one that comes with the guitar, but there are some amazing alternatives on the market. Calton's colorful, form-fitted fiberglass travel cases... have made life easy for many touring musicians previously forced to sneak their guitars on board when they flew or to haul around the aptly named Anvil case."
Acoustic Guitar, November 1998 No. 71

"Nothing can hurt my guitar now."
John McCutcheon
"Received the case yesterday. Loving it! The fit is perfect and the whole thing feels solid as oak. Calton? I'll spread the word. Thanks."
Rick Benoit
"What a beautiful case - it fits perfectly, and looks magnificent!! Thank you so much for getting it to me in time for my trip. I'm your newest and biggest fan and most ardent ambassador. I'm thrilled!! What a lovely frame for this pretty little guitar - its new home. EVERYONE I meet will know about this great product and this great company. Cheers and thanks again"
David Bradstreet
"In 1998 I was traveling practically every week on the airlines, and I purchased a 5 ply case to protect my Martin. That case got chewed up in about a six weeks. I ordered a Calton Case (serial #4808) and it has been just bullet proof. The airlines have kept a lot of paint from the Calton, I watched it slam into a wall in Dallas once, but structurally it remains perfect, and I have peace of mind (until they lose it). Thanks!"
Doug Wever

"Thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate the case you made... for my Gibson Southern Jumbo. I have flown with it as checked baggage a couple of times now and so far so good. Looking forward to receiving the case you're making for my National Tricone."
John Kay
"One word - WOW!!!"
Davy Gallant,
Michelle Compagne:
Hart Rouge
"Love the case - thanks"
Jesse Winchester
"It's lovely!"
"If asked to describe your efforts in typical California phraseology I would of course reply 'totally awesome'... ."
Mark Bookin: Westwood Musical Instruments
"Thank you very much for the beautiful case."
Rosie Flores
"I recommend them to everyone."
Lucinda Williams
"It's BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for your fine work... My Martin will be riding in real style."
Patty Larkin

"Received the case today, and it's tremendous!!!! Thank you!!! Now, I've got 9 more guitars, and I'll have to decide which one deserves a Calton!! The Lowden, the '33 National, the '24 Martin... ? The case is so beautiful, I don't think I want to let the airlines touch it!!"
Lee Asnin

"The cases you sent me are all so beautiful (both in terms of appearance and functionality)."
Takashi Omari: Southern All Stars
"I found the case very much more wonderful than I had expected. Thank you very much for the finest case. It's more than a perfect."
Hirotsugu Yamada

As the builder of the original Calton Europe site, I could be accused of bias but long before I took on the job, I had this posted on my own website:
"I have used the same Calton guitar case for something like 18 years ... My Calton case has been pounded regularly by baggage handlers, in and out of cars, buses, trains, dressing rooms, hotels, it has been used as a seat at outdoor festivals and gone through several climate changes in the same day - and it has kept my guitar completely safe and unharmed. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough. If you have an instrument which is precious to you then keep it safe - put it in a Calton case."
Dick Gaughan